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    “More time, good insights, Notify is the tool that helped us to achieve these goals.”

    ireachm logo Peter Staveloz
    CEO iReachm

The Brussels startup iReachm builds voicebots and chatbots for large companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. The concept: a digital personal assistant takes messages, schedules appointments, handles callbacks or sends a summary by SMS or email. Notify is the obvious choice for Research and Development Manager Nick Gijbels.

Missed calls, a full mailbox and a calendar overflowing with appointments. Increasingly, customers expect companies to be available to provide answers at any time day or night. The smart iReachm voicebot and chatbot applications are the perfect solution to satisfy this requirement. Nick Gijbels: “It is therefore imperative that our applications function correctly 24/7. Notify provides this guarantee. The system is very reliable and ensures that we can provide continuous service to our customers.”

Customised communication

The personal assistants process up to 700 messages per day. Nick Gijbels: “All this information must reach our customers quickly and clearly. This can be done very easily via the user-friendly interfaces provided by Notify. The platform streamlines all the messages and converts them to provide clear communication to the end user. Through the channel of their choice: email, SMS or a push notification. Or a combination of all three. Notify allows us to provide multichannel and tailored communication for all our customers. Simultaneously, yet adjusted according to each individual's preference.”


iReachm and Notify go way back. Nick Gijbels: “We have a long-standing relationship. Our cooperation is based on mutual trust and respect for each other's know-how and expertise. If I have a problem, there is always someone I can call. Day and night. This is very reassuring. Another characteristic of Notify is that they strive for continuous improvement. They do not stand still and they continue to develop innovative products. Always with an eye to the latest trends in the sector. In the long term this can only have a positive effect for us as a partner.”

“Notify is the perfect tool for multichannel communication. The perfect medium for an extra large service!”


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